Michael Zehringer born 19 September 1990 and Lukas Rudin born 23 November 1994 are two good friends from Basel (CH). In 2009 mutual friends introduced them to each other. They shared the passion for Hardstyle and Hardcore- actually everything over 150 beats per minute. So they soon became good friends.



After a while sharing their passion for hard music and being annual visitors of the Masters of Hardcore and Sonic Parties in Basel, they got inspired by the DJ’s standing in front of this enormous amount of people and their way to perform their shows and keep the crowd dancing, screaming and just going insane.


After these experiences Lukas decided, in the beginning of 2012 to buy a DJ- Controller and started to try mixing in his room. After numerous attempts he invited Michael to his place to see if they can do a nice mix together.


Soon they got to know “Das Duo”- a Hardstyle DJ Duo from Basel. They showed Michael and Lukas how to mix with the club standard turntables in their studio. They supported them in every direction and thanks to this support, “Protypez” were born and they started DJ’ing in Clubs all over Switzerland.


In fact, thanks to Stefan Volery and Marco Hakios, better known as “Das Duo”, Michael und Lukas could start performing in Clubs.



„Protypez“ first appearance in the hard dance scene was on the 24th November 2012 at the “Hardcore Revolution” in Erstfeld (CH).

Since the end of 2012 they played at a variety of events. The best references are “Resistance- The Arena”, “The ultimate Washing machine”, “Braindeath”. One of their greatest achievements was to play at a Party in the Swiss wide known OXA- Club in Zurich.


Soon they began to produce their own music. The first Track they made was a Remix from DJ Mad Dog’s “Last motherfucker”.


Even if they are newcomers in the Scene, they surely left a good impression to their audience. They both spend a lot of time preparing their set and always give 100% when they’re performing at a club.



To be continued....